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Lawsuits dispute whether the Indian Child Welfare Act is in the best interests of children

Published by the ABA Journal  written by Lorelei Laird Alexandria P.’s short life has been full of harsh goodbyes. At 17 months, she was taken from her parents after accusations of


Goldwater Institute Supports Appeal by Foster Parents in Controversial Indian Child Adoption Case

Phoenix–Goldwater Institute lawyers today filed a friend of the court brief in support of the foster parents of “Lexi,” the six-year-old California girl caught in the middle of a case


Arizona Court of Appeals Upholds Rights of Parents Adopting Native American Children

The Goldwater Institute applauded a decision by the Arizona Court of Appeals today that upheld the rights of adoptive parents in a case involving the controversial Indian Child Welfare Act. 


For This 6-Year-Old, the Law Sees Only Race

Published by The Wall Street Journal written by Aditya Dynar and Timothy Sandefur It is hard to imagine the anguish that Rusty and Summer Page must be experiencing. Their 6-year-old daughter


The blood-stained Indian Child Welfare Act

Published on The Washington Post written by George F. Will “It is a sordid business, this divvying us up by race.” — Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Sordid, always. And


Native American couple sues to let their child be adopted by a white family

Originally posted in The Washington Post by Sarah Kaplan For nine long months, a Minnesota woman kept her pregnancy a secret. Other than the baby’s father, no one could know that she


If truth be told

Originally posted in The Hill by Lorie Graham and Kathryn E. Fort For more than a century, the governments of Canada and the United States pursued a policy of forcible removal


New Regulations for Indian Child Welfare Act Promise ‘Clarity’ for Alaska Tribes

Originally posted in KNOM by Matthew F. Smith New regulations are coming for a federal law that seeks to keep Alaska Native and American Indian children in foster care within


One year later, Baby Veronica case still resonates

Originally posted in  Tulsa World by Michael Overall Phones rang nonstop. Tears flowed. An ambulance came for her grandfather, who apparently suffered a severe panic attack. And Cherokee marshals set


Foster child adoption halted over tribal ties

Originally posted in Tulalip News by Elisa Hahn Her photos are still up on the refrigerator door. Three-year-old “Elle” was Pete and Laura Lupo’s foster child, but she was much